Dong - The Secluded Hamlet In Arunachal Pradesh That Sees India’s First Sunrise

Ever thought to yourself that while your city is still deep asleep, enveloped within the darkness of the night, some other corner of the country is already breathing in the crisp air of a sunny morning. Well in India as Arunachal Pradesh is known as the land of rising sun ,Dong the tiny hamlet located at an elevation of 1,240 metres and sandwiched neatly in between China and Myanmar is the far east corner of our country India and blessed with the touch of Sunrays . The village that used to exist at Dong has been abandoned primarily due to the scarcity of water. Today, what stands still are the terraced fields of Dong village that have become overgrown with shrubs. But from the top, you can overlook Burma and China across a beautiful, panoramic view of the rivers and meadows underneath.In Dong, the sun, on an average, rises at 5.50 am and sets at 4.30 pm during the winter season, which is almost an hour prior to other places in the country. To catch the first rays of the sun, you can either start in the wee hours of the morning, i.e., 3 am or, alternatively, we can camp at the plateau overnight and wait for the sunrise.

Given the remoteness of the place, reaching Dong or its adjacent areas can be an arduous task. The nearest town is that of Tezu-the headquarters of Lohit district.
We provide you with end to end support and complete guide equipped tours to the far east corner of India - Dong Valley , our schedule is a well planned and never felt experience for a nice weekend get-way.
We will start our journey from Tinsukia, Assam which is the nearest point that can be reached by railways post breakfast . Halt for lunch break near Parashuram Kunda which is a very beautiful pilgrimage site on the way . Reach Hayuliang by evening, Night Stay at Hayuliang.
Day 2
Next Day fresh start from Hayuliang post breakfast, Halt near Walong for lunch, Reach Dong by afternoon. Night Stay at Dong 
Day 3 
Start 2 hour trek to Dong Valley around 2:00 AM, Trek down for breakfast, Enjoy Natural Hot Water Spring to freshen up for the day. 
Day 4
Back to Tinsukia within the day (non-stop)​​​​​​​

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